Bloody Mary Recipe Contest Attempts to Set World Record

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´╗┐Bloody Mary Recipe Contest Attempts to Set World Record

Creating the perfect Bloody Mary cocktail is a lot like nurturing a fine wine. It takes time, creativity and experimentation until the ingredients are just right. But once those elements come together, it’s pure bliss for the creator and those lucky enough to share a sip of their secret concoction.

There are countless Bloody Mary recipes, which is what makes this cocktail one of the most celebrated around the world. Depending on where your travels lead, you will find everything from horseradish and hot sauce to wasabi, jalapeno peppers and prawns in the mix. The only common ingredient in every recipe (besides vodka) is passion from those who create and consume this time-tested cocktail.

“The recipes for a Bloody Mary cocktail are like snowflakes – no two are alike,” said Jennie Meador, a spokesperson for Finlandia Vodka and judge for the brand’s annual Bloody Mary recipe contest. “Everyone thinks their recipe is the best, which is why we bring people together once a year and learn about the different approaches being taken to the cocktail.”

Finlandia Vodka is now accepting recipes for its annual Bloody Mary recipe contest. This year, Finlandia is looking for recipes that have unique ingredients that make your Bloody Mary a one-of-a-kind cocktail. The grand-prize winner will receive $1,000 and special recognition when Finlandia attempts to create the world’s largest Bloody Mary cocktail.

“What better way to celebrate the Bloody Mary than by creating the world’s largest glass of it?” Meador said. “Whoever wins this year’s contest may get to work with our mixologists to calculate their recipe into the world’s largest Bloody Mary. And then, of course, we’ll all have to help drink it.”

The Bloody Mary cocktail has experienced a resurgence in recent years. Once thought of as only for brunch, it is now served throughout the day at bars, restaurants and in people’s homes.

The Bloody Mary was first created in 1930 and became a true classic cocktail among Americans. It’s the second-most consumed drink besides beer at tailgates and sports gatherings today, making vodka a popular spirit for entertaining or celebrating.