Jello Shots

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Jello Shots

Jello shots are very popular and astoundingly simple to make. Especially in the holiday seasons, here are some handy tips to keep you right when making your jello.

For best results use a clear alcohol, with an alcohol strength of at least 37% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) one of the most popular liquors to used would be vodka is it blends well with most other alcoholic beverages and flavours.

For a quality taste, place the vodka in the freezer at least a day before you plan to make your jello shot, because of the high alcohol level the vodka wont freeze, then manufacture the Jello shot using the quick set recipe, this is were you would use more vodka than water. You could of course use the other jello shot recipe and not use any water, this would of course make the jello shot pure vodka (the quick set jello shot recipe uses ice cubes for about half the water volume). Be careful though as this particular recipe will make a far stronger shot. (Caution is advised….stay away from stairs after drinking!!!)

Allow the jello shot mix to set, then portion out into tiny plastic shot glasses or paper cups for serving. The good things with the paper cups are that your friends can turn the paper cups inside out after the jello shot has been taken and lick out what is left over. Another method is to squeeze the cup and eject the shot in one go.

Pour the Jello shot mix into the paper cups or plastic shot glasses, the jello will more than likely stick to the inside of the shot glass or cup and might be slight more difficult to get from the glass but it more fun eating it of the paper cup this way, even if the idea of jello shots is for them to go “down” easy.

For vodka shots, black cherry or black raspberry Jello usually work best. A good idea festive idea could be to get a hold of a mould and make jello moulds of various objects, this a fun way to make jello at seasonal times such as Christmas or Halloween there are so many different styles of jello moulds that can be made around these times.

Another good combination of flavours is lime jello with tequila, but if you really want to get your friends hammered one of the best forms of liquors to use is grain alcohol which ranges from 95 – 100% ABV.
CAUTION: the combination of all this alcohol and sugary stuff can lead to a few days of work with a massive head, so tread carefully. Another thing to take note of is because Jello shots are very sweet you could be forgiven to think that they aren’t working then.bang they hit you like a 10 ton slab of concrete, so don’t do jello shots if you have to drive or otherwise require good brain function or bodily function or coordination.
Having said that, enjoy! Happy holidays!