Potato Salad

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´╗┐Potato Salad

Some dishes have spread across different countries but are given variations in the recipe. Potato Salad is very popular in different parts of the world, usually served as a side dish or accompaniment. Most versions are quite creamy but some recipes are prepared to a crisp finish. The dish is easily made and requires inexpensive ingredients. It is ideal for making bulk quantities and can be made in advance, ahead of a party, as long as it is refrigerated. It’s a welcome sight at barbecues and picnics.

The best kind of this dish, no matter what the recipe calls for, should contain fresh ingredients and taste and textures that are balanced. The basic ingredient of potato in a Potato Salad may have the skins left on or removed and old potatoes or new potatoes are used. The cream texture is obtained from mayonnaise, milk dressing, sour cream or Miracle Whip. In addition to bought products, it’s good fun to make your own recipe at home. Experimenting means that you get the dish that perfectly suits your particular taste buds.

Other possible components include vinegar dressing, dill dressing or dressing using other herbs, capers, gherkins or spices. Tangy recipes use onions, raw, pickled or cooked. Bacon can add another flavor and anchovies or mustard bring a nice contrast to the creamy potato. Tomatoes or green beans bring freshness and hard boiled eggs are used occasionally.

This dish is very popular in Germany, where they have their own tradition for making it. In contrast to the USA and the UK, where it is served chilled, Germans sometimes prefer their potato salad to be warm or hot. The recipe is a more sour version, including red varieties of potato, mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, mustard and green onions. The finishing touch is the inclusion of Riesling wine and it usually accompanies pork or bacon meals.

A sophisticated version of the dish is the Caesar Chicken variety, using chicken breast, red onion, salad leaves and Caesar Salad Dressing. It is sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and croutons. For those who prefer their dishes to be spicy, Zesty Potato Salad contains red potatoes, artichoke hearts, dried pimientos, peppers, green chilies, Italian Salad Dressing and basil. Cucumber Potato Salad has a very fresh taste, including red potatoes, Cucumber Ranch Salad Dressing, dill, mayonnaise, green onions and celery. Many people are watching their calorie intake and it is possible to make low fat varieties, using low fat dressings and mayonnaise.